Parallel Resistance Heat Tracer


ISOTHERM™ Parallel Circuit Heating Cable is a twin-conductor constant wattage heating cable. It is designed for pipe, storage tank and other equipment heat-tracing in industrial applications. It is widely used in carbon steel pipes, stainless steel pipes, painted and unpainted metal pipes. The regular models in markets are 10w/m to 40w/m. You can also customize any wattage heating cable you want.

ISOTHERM™ Parallel Circuit Heating Cable heats up through the heating wires in parallel. It is the parallel construction that allows it to be cut-to-length and terminated in the field. ISOTHERM™ Parallel Circuit Heating Cable has passed IEC EX, ATEX, and CE for the European market, and EAC for the Russian market.

  • o Up to 1100 Volts.
  • o Up to 280°C (536°F) withstand temperature.

  • o Freeze protection
  • o Temperature maintenance