Self Regulating Heat Tracer


ISOTHERM™ provides self-regulating heating cables that automatically adjust their power output to compensate for temperature changes. ISOTHERM™ self-regulating heating cables consist of two parallel conductors embedded in a heating core made of conductive polymer. The core is radiation-crosslinked to ensure long-term reliability. Heat is generated as electric current passes through the conductive polymer core between the cable’s conductors. As the ambient temperature drops, the number of electrical paths through the core increases and more heat is produced. Conversely, as the temperature rises, the core has fewer electrical paths and less heat is produced.

ISOTHERM™ Self- Regulating Heating Cable has passed IEC EX, ATEX, and CE for the European market, and EAC for the Russian market.

  • o Up to 230 Volts
  • o Up to 155°C (311°F) withstand temperature.
  • o Up to 60 W/m of output.
  • o Long circuit lengths available.
  • o Thermoplastic and Fluoropolymer sheaths available for flexibility.
  • o Used in applications such as freeze protection of long pipework, process temperature maintenance, vessel heating, etc.
  • o Cut-to-length and terminated in the field.

  • o Freeze protection.
  • o Temperature maintenance.
  • o Snow Melting on Driveways.
  • o Ramp and stair snow/ice protection.
  • o Gulley and roof snow/ice protection.
  • o Underfloor heating.
  • o Anti-condensation.
  • o Soil warming.
  • o Pond freeze protection.
  • o Reducing Condensation on Windows.